Clay cosmos Apes

In a parallel cosmos a collection of handmade clay apes is waiting for you on ethereum chain to represent a quite unique society of ape movie stars.

A dim lighted study room. The Black ape leaned forward slightly on the worn leather armchair on which he was sitting. His discomfort was now evident on his face.

“Do I have to look at this to find out?”

“You know the answer!” said a mysterious figure outside the frame. The Black ape didn’t seem to know what to say, the voice continued;

“Asking about something you know is not a good way to escape”

The cold tone in the mysterious voice was starting to reinforce the Black ape’s discomfort now. After looking for a while at his interlocutor with suspicious eyes, he turned his eyes to the black cube-shaped box on the table in front of him. He reached up and pulled the box towards himself, with its rough corners and rough texture it was exactly as he remembered it, the paint having worn off a bit over time. Every other detail was the same.

“This is nonsense,” said the Black ape angrily and pushed the box away from him, “it has nothing to do with what I have came to you and I will not going to look inside it”

“Think carefully about what I have said,” said the mysterious voice. “The choice is yours, the box is here and you can access it now, but there will be a time when you will no longer have access to it”

“I choose to act of my own free will sir, I don’t want to open it”

“Do you think your decision would change if you chose to act with your fair will?”

“I don’t understand!”

The mysterious cold voice broke into a chuckle, the coldness in his voice never softening despite his laughter. “Yet if you had a fair vote, you wouldn’t have won and you would have to open it, am I wrong?”

The black ape was silent for a while, then “What does that mean?” he asked, “Is there anyone else here besides the two of us?”

The mysterious voice began to laugh loudly. The black ape could no longer stand there. He got up in anger and started walking towards the door, the mysterious voice called after him.

“I told you, asking questions you know the answer to is not a good way to escape, and now I see you start to run away”

The black ape stood on the sill, giving his interlocutor a disgusted look, as cold laughter echoed throughout the room, he slammed the door behind him and plunged the room into darkness.

“And cut !”

Along with the voice of the director (a red ape), a bell sounded indicating the end of the shooting. As the lights turned on one by one, illuminating the dim environment and revealing a large studio, the set workers began to move around the stage through the cables and equipment. The Black ape come out from behind the stage prop with a pleased expression on his face. The director Red ape approached and shook his actor’s hand.

“You were so successful, what was that pupil twitching?”
“I tried to express the tension you described. Did you like it?”
“Are you crazy? I love it. Listen, it’s four hours until your next scene, why don’t you take a rest. You deserved it!”

As the Black ape thanked him and started walking to leave the set, his eyes fell on the chair he had just been sitting on. It was a shabby but classy piece. At the end of filming, he made a mental note to ask the producer to give it to him. Who knows, maybe one day he could celebrate his success in this movie while sitting on this armchair with his favorite drinking glass in his hand and immortalize this moment with a photo frame.

These lines you just read are our concept, project and future vision as Clay Cosmos Apes (CCA). In this concept, a small planet named 3Q in a parallel universe hosts advanced silicon based life forms and where apes have reached a highly developed level of intelligence and advanced technology. CCA nft figures represent stars and celebrities of Jollywood the largest motion picture industry on 3Q.

Our collection unique and completely handmade real clay ape figures contains no CGI or 3D modeling and all details included are created using handmade miniature elements. However, our collection is not just about this, it is far beyond being a quality visual content by offering the opportunity to be a pioneer of an innovative art movement in the blockchain space and to be part of a promising planned film3 production ecosystem.

How does it work?

Simply under three categories; CCA nft concept, CCA movie projects and CCA revenue sharing model.


The CCA nft concept is designed to provide the opportunity to be a shareholder in CCA movie projects and CCA revenue sharing model systems. Items of the collection will constantly take place in independent roles and artistic works in CCA movie projects. This takes us to our next category;


CCA projects are works of art that directly or indirectly serve the CCA concept. Projects consist of two main types. These are;

a. Short stop motion animation projects, short film projects and feature movie projects.

These films and movies will be published periodically on various media platforms. the main purpose will be to serve the expand and the development of CCA nft collection by creating a continuous activity an market demand. In this framework, CCA nft characters will be used directly and/or indirectly as a theme in video format works.

b. New nft collection projects.

The new nft collection projects will be special series for the mentioned movie projects. These collections, will be released with the same concept and quality as CCA nfts, and will be offered as free mints to those who hold CCA nfts in their accounts. New collections are free and always will be.


The CCA revenue sharing model is the essence of the project. This idea is a srat-up that our project team has been working on since 2018: establishing the CCA production company.

In addition to the above promises, in CCA revenue sharing model, all CCA nft owners will be natural shareholders of the CCA production company. In this sense, CCA nft owners will have a share in the profits of CCA production company from monetized movie projects.


CCA nft sales revenue will be used in tow main categories:

a. Establishing CCA production company. includes various expenses like equipment, salaries, rent, taxes etc.

b. Advertising video format CCA projects on every convenient web & media platform like youtube, instagram, vimeo, tiktok, twitter, etc. By this kind of sponsored promotions CCA brand value will continue to increase and reach millions of new people.


Although the idea of CCA production co. emerged in 2018, its origins goes back to the very early age of our artist who has wrote various novels, stories and screenplays. That’s why he received great support from his childhood friend our project manager (a crypto currency maximalist) since the moment he told him about his idea of making a movie. Since then, they started together to find a way to make this dream come true. As a matter of fact, our project manager soon created a win-win model by developing the CCA ecosystem.

The CCA nft collection took 11 months to produce. Of course, it could have been completed and announced in a shorter time. However, two important goals were taken in consideration throughout the whole process: High artistic value and high visual quality. Undoubtedly, it wouldn’t be possible to explain the script quality and the extraordinary way of storytelling of the movies by promotional texts, social media posts and marketing activities. The CCA team needed much more than that to convince people!

Therefor came the idea of creating a high quality nft collection and a confidential ecosystem that could reveal our artist’s skills and our management vision. This necessity and this awareness enabled the CCA nft collection to be born as it is today. We believe that our artist and project team have succeeded in meeting people’s expectations of quality and passion without any doubt.


Let’s go to the helicopter scene in Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece inception for a moment and recall the following dialogue between Dom Kobb and Saito;

Kobb: “How complex is the idea?”

Saito: “Simple enough”

Kobb: “No idea is simple when you need to plant it in somebody else’s mind. If I were to do this, I need a guarantee. How do I know you can deliver?”

Saito: “You don’t. But I can. So do you want to take a leap of faith?”

Who knows, maybe one day, while sitting on an armchair with your favorite drinking glass in your hand, you celebrate a decision you made today and immortalize it with a photo frame!

Best regards 

CCA Team


Founder & Project Manager

Artist & Content Creator

Web Designer & Co-founder